fr_22Welcome to my website.  I am a post-doc at USC working on the evolution and development of social behavior, using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model.

This August (2014) I am moving to the EEB Department at Rice University to start the Saltz lab!  Lab website: Saltzlab.wordpress.com.

Using the functional and population-genetic tools available in D. melanogaster along with ecologically-relevant behavioral assays, I am working to understand how individual differences in social behavior develop, evolve and are maintained in populations.  In general, I work to integrate psychology and animal behavior with quantitative, evolutionary and functional genomics.

To read more about my research, including my full CV and links to my papers, please see the links above.  (Or just check out cute pictures of my dog!)  I’d love to hear feedback and comments; contact me at jsaltz@usc.edu.

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